Welcome to the BRACE LearnScope project

Our project

The focus of our project is exploring new and innovative ways of teaching and managing learners in a flexible learning environment. BRACE has set a target of 90% of all BRACE training will have online support using our newly launched Portal and Elluminate classroom.

Our learners

The project has a focus on both trainers and learners. All trainers will be engaged in activities that will develop a community of practice online that will deliver professional development online and in doing so develop their skills while " living" the experience from a learners perspective. Trainers will then engage in an action learning focus in order to apply their learning in a real life situation and use the community of practice to refelect on their experience.
Our learners will be drawn from across the BRACE delivery spectrum of industry groups but we will be specifically looking at the needs of disengaged learners and those who live in rural or remote areas.
Learners will have the opportunity to participate in online delivery, provide feedback on their experiences and identify issues/challenges for learning during this form of delivery.

Our tools

The BRACE portal has been designed to enable learners to interact with both their trainer and other learners. It has the capacity for threaded discussion, learning objects, trainers blogs and access to the Elluminate classroom.

Our evaluation strategy

We will gather feedback from trainers and learners to develop sound e-learning facilitation practice for both formal and informal learning in order to improve our service delivery.

Contact details

Dorothy Lucardie dorothy.lucardie@brace.com.au or Lyn Brownbill lyn.brownbill@brace.com.au
Telephone: 03 53 333700