Welcome to the CEACA LearnScope project

Our project

Three trainers based in three different providers will collaborate to develop four units from the Certficate IV in Training & Assessment.
Two units will be trialled with a group of students, with feedback and evaluation used to improve those units and assist with the development of the final two. The trainers will largely use e learning technology to collaborate and develop their skills. This experience will help them to develop appropriate induction, training and delivery methods for the student group. Improving e skills and evaluating effective delivery and assessment is a major focus for the project.

Our learners

The trainers and their organisations will be the initial learner group as the skills and resources that can eb most effectively used are evaluated. The trial group will consist of students with varying degrees of skills. They will be working across a wide geographic area with limited face to face meeting.

Our tools

Initially Studyzone for ease of communication, as all the trainers became familiar with this during their initial Learnscope training. Evaluating tools will be a significant part of the project.

Our evaluation strategy

Trainers will use the technology and techniques intended for the trial group so their experience will form the first step in evaluation to hopefully reduce issues for learners with less experience. We will conduct surveys and discussions with learners before, during and after the trial. Evaluation will be an ongoing process involving trainers, their organisations and learners.


- TAAENV401A Working in VET is up in Studyzone and currently being reviewed by all three trainers.
- There has been a constant review of tools available in Studyzone and their suitability to this unit. Sometimes they can be very limiting, but the student view of the unit is very logical and invites students to proceed at their own pace. We are aware that some documentation in the form of a manual or CD will probably be necessary to ensure that all information is made available to the students.
- Administration needs to be fine tuned and as soon as that is done, unit will be offered to a group of trial students
- Work to start on TAAENV402A Foster Inclusive Learning Culture within the next week.
- This unit should be easier because we will have ironed out such things as which chat room to use, administration and difficulties which students have with the material presented.

Contact details

Rowena Naufal on 57721238 or rjnaufal@virtual.net.au
Penny Paxman will be managing the project and can be contacted on 0357721412 or ppaxman@bigpond.net.au