ConVerge Conference Planning Page


Your presentations

Main aim: We want to engage with the audience throughout the whole 60 min of the session – we can go longer as there is no-one else using the room after us. I will facilitate the sessions.
After listening to your presentations last week I suggest the following:

  1. Steer away from the traditional PPT presentations – focus on making it a very practical demonstration of your particular e-learnring tool/ blend / initiative
  2. If you do want to give you audience some information – why not prepare it as a hand out. If you send it to me by the 26th October and I will print and bring along.
  3. Start your 10 minutes by presenting your audience with one of your tools: we saw many last week – a wiki or Digital story, your TAFE VC space, Studyzone, etc.
  4. Then take them back to the who and the why
  5. They are likely to want to know about challenges and how you overcame those as well as
  6. unexpected outcomes.
  7. Create a few slides with images, and learner testimonials etc…to back up your discussion of 4 – 6.
  8. Send these to Kathy Jagan by 26th October at jagan.kathy.a AT

What I need from you:
  1. Confirmation from CAE, Dingley and Hume who will be representing your projects at Converge
  2. Send your slides with pictures, testimonials etc to Kathy Jagan by 26 October as well as any handouts you will want to distribute on the day.
  3. Provide us with the question your presentation will be answering.
I need these to introduce your section of the presentation: Some of the examples we had last week were:
    1. What is the simplest way to introduce technology into the classroom?
    2. What is a digital story?
    3. How can I use it for assessment?
    4. IS it as easy as it looks for trainers to use e-learning in their courses?
    5. What are the benefits of Wimba voice tools?

Suggested Presentation Proposals

We agreed that Josie would prepare two proposals that woudl feature the best of ACE LearnScope 2007 in 2 x 1 hours panel sessions around two broad topics: blended learning and web 2.0 tools.

We agreed that the primary focus of the two presentations would focus around learner engagement.

Presentation 1. Blended learning

Theme: Teaching and assessment

Title: Blending in...getting the mix right

This session would incorporate all the platforms and tools currently being used in the projects, such as Moodle, wikis and TAFE VC. Copy of proposal brief:

Participating Centres:
1. Djerriwarrh
2. Werribee
4. Hume

Presentation 2. Voice and images: multimedia for engaging learners.

Theme: tools and technologies

Title: Voice and images: multimedia for engaging learners

Copy of application:

Session Outline: This session will showcase trhe work of a group of LearnScope projects that have been exploring the power of voice and images to engage learners.The tools they will be showcasing wiill include:
  • TAFE VC WImba voice tools
  • Podcasts created by students and teachers using specific MP3 players
  • Digital stories as a tool for assessment and engagement
  • Tools that engage generation Y - My Space, wikis etc...
  • This interactive workshop will give participants the opportunity to duscuss strategies for engagment with a range of organisations who have been working with diverse groups of leanrers, such as ESL, youth and mature aged learners.
  • Particiapting Centres
  • 1. AMES
  • 2. PRACE
  • 3. CAE
  • 4. Morrison House
  • 5. Dingley

Presentation 3

We have also submitted and short 40 min presentation by Coonara House on their very successful intergration of wikis into their accredited course delivery.
Copy of proposal:

Online meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the cofnerence project update and planing meeting on the 6th. Below is a link of the session held in Live Classroom.
Pelase feel free to listen and pass on your comments / suggestions.