Welcome to the Coonara Community House LearnScope project

===Our project=== We aim to train at least 2 tutors from each of 7 ACE providers in the Eastern Metropolitan ACFE region in the development and use of wikis as classroom learning aids. Each tutor will then develop a wiki for use with one of their learner groups. They will train their own learners on how to use the wiki for collaborative learning opportunities. Trainers will choose their own suite of online tools to use in conjunction with their wiki eg blogging, discussion boards, online powerpoint presentations and downloadable resources for assessment tasks. Each trainer will keep their project within their own comfort levels and the comfort levels of their student cohort.A second string to the project is a trainer support and collaboration wiki set up by Elearning Leader.

Tutor training sessions at Coonara Community House & Healesville Living & Learning centre

Our learners

  • Students in accredited VET courses undertaking research projects and being mentored by their trainer
  • Students in a VCAL class at a geographically isolated provider, interacting via their wiki site with VCAL students from other locations
  • A large number of female students aged between 35-55 who whilst enthusiastic learners in other respects are largely disengaged from using and learning about technology
  • Students in adult literacy classes will also be included

Our tools

A variety of online elearning tools ie wikis, blogs, slideshows, digital stories (what is chosen will depend on each individual tutor's comfort levels with using the technology. Everyone will use wikis, however.)

Our first wiki training session for tutors from the eastern ACFE region

Our evaluation strategy

Surveys - online hopefully of students and trainers
Elearning Leader will blog progress of project
Trainer support wiki available

Coonara progress so far

Contact details

Lynne Gibb
Coonara Community House
Willow Rd.,
UFTG Vic 3156
TEL: 9758 7081
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