Welcome to the Dingley Village LearnScope project

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Our project: Logging into Generation Y

We are a cross RTO collaboration project looking at shared e-communications as a cutting edge curriculum delivery tool. Professional development would focus on appropriate and available shared e-communication tools and exploring ways of integrating into the curriculum as either a delivery or communication tool.

Our learners

Predominately disengaged youth programs eg VCAL

Our tools

Not limited to My Space, You Tube, blogs, pod casting Teachers would select an appropriate tool and integrate its use in to their current delivery as either a communications tool or delivery tool.

Our evaluation strategy

Survey of both teachers and youth participants use of shared e-communication; where and why prior to integration, then post integration on attitude & acceptance as a delivery tool. Reflection and review by teachers at conclusion of project.

Contact details

Project facilitator: Andrea Coghlan, moonmadness@optusnet.com.au
Project manager: Pam Gates, dvnc@satlink.com.au

Update - Where we're at.

We're finally off and running with our first workshop. Only a small group but we had a great time discussing some of the things they would like to do with their youth groups and how we could make that a reality. We worked through a Goldwave exercise that taught them to record themselves and then save it as an MP3 file. I then created a wikispace site for us to use, and also demonstrated how easy it was to set one up. They thought it was terrific and felt that they could use this as part of their work with the 'kids.' It also gives them a space to practice in before they start their own demonstrations with their groups. I then showed them how to add their MP3 files to the wikisite so they're all set to have some fun with a brand new tool that they can use.

We threw around a couple of other ideas and while most of the group are going to start with 'Wikispaces' another courageous member of the team has decided that she will try working with My Space with her group. As I had worked with the staff at this particular centre last year, teaching them all Digital Storytelling, I suggested that they might like to work on creating a resume in a digital story format to be put online either in their My Space site, or any web based site. It would also work very well in CD format as I feel that the novelty of a resume in CD format would at least get looked at and not filed in the rubbish bin as many are.

We're going to explore a new 'tool' every time we meet face to face(monthly) but I'll be staying in contact on a regular basis via e-mail, our Wiki and also a session in Live Classroom.
Stay tuned for more updates.
P.S. Feel free to use our Goldwave MP3 exercise.

We were a small group this month due to other commitments that croped up at the last minute. (Work getting in the way of fun.) We continuted to look at our Wiki and discussed what else we could do to it. We also discussed how a group of VCAL students might use a wiki. Tony from Skills Plus Frankston joined us for this session and his comment that most of his 'kids' would find a Wiki a step backwards made us sit up and thing. That seemed like a pretty fair comment and we all agreed that My Space was where they were all at. So of course, that's where we went. We all had a go at setting up a space and I showed them how easy it was to dress up your My Space site without knowing any html. There are some very creative sites that have done all the work for you and you can just copy and paste the code. I did give them a hand out on html that is basically a cheat sheet so they don't have to learn it. There challenge over the next few weeks is to see if they can integrate My Space into their sessions and leave their reflection on the Wiki to share.
We all agree that www.slide.com is brilliant.
html cheat sheet. Useful sites to jazz up My Space.

Just wanted to share some encouraging feedback that I have had from one of our project participants. Some of the youth are quite happy to use My Space as one of their learning tools. They have allowed their tutor into their sites and talk to each other via their space. Another of the tutors has set up his own My Space site where he uses the ‘blog’ facility to correspond with his Maths students. What a terrific way of using e-learning and tools that the young people are comfortable with, to enhance their learning.