Welcome to the Djerriwarrah LearnScope project

Our project

The aim of the project is to deliver an on-line package that will address the competencies of a Certificate II in Business unit "Use Business Technology. This unit is currently offered in a flexible delivery format, and students work in a self -paced/trainer supported environment and are mixed with students of varying skill levels. We have found that students enrolled in this unit require extensive support and constant reinforcement to achieve competency in this unit. Hence through this project we hope to optimise student support while encouraging independent IT use.

Project Update August 2007
Djerriwarrh eLearning team has now developed a large portion of the learning materials needed for the Business Technology course. A group of 6 learners have enrolled in our course and will participate in a trial of the blended on-line and classroom based training using workbooks and one on one delivery. The training has commenced and will be conducted over a six week period. Trainers who deliver the course have worked with the eLearning team and contributed to the course design.
Using Blackboard (TAFEVC3) we have been able to gather a large amount of on-line resources previously used by individual trainers and set up a course that learners can access from class or at home. Learners at this stage in the project are only accessing the on-line course from within the classroom and still require support. However as the training progresses they are becoming more confident and enjoy the online activities more than the exercises from the workbooks. The on-line tools used allow learners to easily repeat activities to increase their skills. This was welcomed by both students and trainers.

Our learners

Our learners can be classified into two types. Trainers with some exposure to e-Learning and students from our VET courses. Our students have limited PC knowledge, greater need for individual support, are unsuited to existing method of self paced training, require additional contact hours, the opportunity to repeat sessions and the constant reinforcement of learning.

Our tools

E-Learning tools will include the TAFEVC platform tools such as learning modules, assessment tools, assignment tools, local content cds and web links.

Our evaluation strategy

We will be surveying our students and trainers at commencement of the project as well as collecting feedback thoughout the trial. We plan to use a on-line course evaluation tool to assist in the collection and evaluation of data.

Contact details

Joanne Doyle
Alan Wayman