Welcome to the Hume Regional Council LearnScope project

Our project

The Hume ACFE project is working with CGEA practitioners to move foundation units from the new CGEA certificates I and II online. In order to do this, the project members are deconstructing said units, analysing the way that these would be delivered in a face-to-face context and then reconstructing the units using a blend of online and face-to-face modalities.

The people involved with this project are tutors delivering CGEA qualifications and units within ACE in the northeast of Victoria. These include tutors from The Centre in Wangaratta, CEC in Corryong and Euroa and from the ACE centre in Cobram. Additionallly, a representative of the regional office and Janet Hayes are also involved in the project.

Our learners

Our learners can broadly be considered in two categories, the tutors who are learning about eTeaching and adapting face-to-face practices and modalities to the online environment and those who they teach, that is the participants in their CGEA groups and classes.

With regard to the first group, the project has direct contact and influence, enabling a responsive approach to both their needs and personal/professional goals. Insofar as the second group is concerned, the project facilitator and management are largely dependent on the feedback we receive from tutors, who keep us constantly informed and abreast of the situations in their face-to-face settings and the demands and special requirements of this particular cohort.

Our tools

This project will use a range of tools, from the StudyZone learning management system website to resources supplied by educational authorities across the world, including, but not restricted to:
Downes.ca and,

These organisations provide a range of tools including planning documents, evaluation proformas and research into the latest developments in eTeaching and eLearning.

In addition to these more traditional tools, we will also make extensive use of the web resources that have come to be known as web 2.0. Amongst the specific tools we will use are brainstorming and concept mapping, text-based chat, social bookmarking, page casting and podcasting.

Our evaluation strategy

Evaluation is central to all projects run under the auspices of Hume ACFE, with formative, monitoring and summative evaluation part the normal process. Insofar as the delivery of this project is concerned, each encounter, be this face-to-face or online is followed by an informal evaluation where project staff reflect on the events and seek feedback from the participants. The participants are also encouraged to practice the art of reflection, enabling them to elicit more from the project than they otherwise might.

In support of this ongoing process of evaluation are the various tools outlined above. With transcripts of chats, forum contributions and material generated by the web 2.0 tools, we are well placed to make refinements to the project along the way, and to make a final report at project's end.

August Update

The project participants are making good progress towards bringing units of competence from the qualifications in this package into an online format. In between this work, tutors are also trialling a variety of online tools, with some very positive feedback from students.

One tutor wrote to me after trialling one particular tool.

*Have loaded Java onto all the computers in our network and one VCAL student enjoyed using the decimal block tool - she was amazed to see how it worked and that it did work - a real mathematical revelation for her. So based on that trial - a positive response recorded!

Also my VCAL support tutor appreciated the sites, as she does some one-to-one tuition with primary school students and could see how useful they could be.*

We are also developing assessment tools that can be used by any tutor teaching in this area. Again, the feedback from tutors has been positive.

*The template you have created would be fabulous for the unit - clear, simple and highlights crucial skills and knowledge that may otherwise slip through the net - the type of document that would sit in front of (or be part of) a portfolio and could be ticked off along the way or at the end of the unit. Beautiful.*

All in all, we are experiencing success, whilst balancing the normal hiccups that go with any project that is breaking new ground.

Contact details

Project Manager
Pat Grosse
Benalla - 5762 4655

Project Officer
Janet Hayes
c/o Hume ACFE
Benalla - 5762 4655