Measuring impact

In 2007, the LearnScope project will move towards supporting uptake of e-learning in VET delivery in the classroom, workplace and online with a stronger focus on professional development through engagement of students and industry in e-learning delivery and demonstration of how clients are benefiting from e-learning initiatives.
The guiding princilples of LearnScope 2007 are outlined in the guidelines and on the website and are as follows.

Essentially all projects must:
  • focus on professional development
  • actively involve e-learning outcomes for clients
  • be able to demonstrate how clients are benefitting from e-learning initiatives

It is therefore important that each proejct has a clear framework for how they will involve their students and how they will be able to demonstrate how students are benefitting .

Voice of experience

We invited Mary Schoneveldt to do a short presentation via Live classroom of her experiences in measuring the impact and levels of satisfaction in the funded proejcts that she has been involved in in the past few years. Mary is currently employed by e-Works as the manager for the Framework's Inclusive E-learning project. She has also managed various Learnscope projects in SMR ACFE. Below is Mary's PPT presentation as well as some links to documents she has found useful.

Skills audits, focus groups and benchmarking survey

Below links to the documents Mary mentions in her presentation.