Welcome to the Morrison House LearnScope project

Our project

The focus of this project is to expand the Digital storytelling skills developed in the adult literacy department into the VET department of Morrison House.
The intended outcome is to enable VET tutors to add another presentation tool to their teaching and to pass their skills onto their students. Digital storytelling is a powerful presentation and story telling tool that students and teachers can apply in a variety of situations at work and life eg presenting assignments, presenting ideas at a meeting, creating personal histories, etc.

Our learners

We have 2 types of learner involved in our project
Tutors with some or little e-learning knowledge and experience and students from our ALBE, VCAL and VET courses. We want to spread the skills through different departments of Morrison House

Our tools

Photostory 3, digital cameras, scanners, audacity

Our evaluation strategy

We will be using Measuring impact technology to evaluate our program. Questions about MI should be directed to pherlihy@morrisonhouse.org

Contact details

Sue Dunn