LearnScope October PD Day

October 10 Meeting

Why are we meeting?
We have a couple of priorities for the day, the most important being preparation for the Converge conference. But, as you will see it is a day packed with guest speakers and opportunities for us to not just report on our individual successes and challenges but also to look at what is ahead and how to best prepare for that, seeing that there are some changes in the wind for 2008.

Glenda McPherson shares experiences around online facilitation, specially in relation to her recent experiences in delivering the TAA upgrade online.
Link to Glenda's Powerpoint: about online facilitation http://www.slideshare.net/accessace/facilitation-learn-scope
Glenda talked to to us about her current project looking at Virtual Worlds, and more specifically Second Life.

Caryl Oliver – the expert on M learning in Australia has agreed to come and give a presentation on m-learning, what is it, who is using it, who it is being used by and what the future trends are – so come armed with heaps of questions.
Delia Bradshaw will facilitate a heads up session – helping us to workshop ways in how we can best place ourselves to maximise opportunities in 2008. Attached copies of Delia's handouts and workbook:

But, most importantly it is an opportunity for you to present your project to your peers, and celebrate your success.
This will also be an opportunity for us to rehearse our presentation for the Converge conference. We have agreed on two themes for our presentations, and all the projects have been allocated to a group.