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Welcome to the PRACE LearnScope project: 'can you hear me?'

canuhearme.gif For more information, visit this place where we share our knowledge with the world: canuhearme7.wikispaces.com

Teachers Speak OUT

Listen as our project team - Rohan, Lauren, Franca, Jyothi and Deb - share their initial thoughts about audio technologies in classrooms:

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What we've done so far

(August 07 update): People in the team have worked with learners:
  • recorded conversations in an ESL class,
  • using (on different occasions) laptop with Audacity, and a small iRiver portable mp3 recorder (JS);Don’t_I_Deserve_Quality_Care_by_Grant_Neufeld_at_flickr_(edges)_.jpg
  • both as evidence of learning outcomes, and more informally as a way for learners to have feedback on their performance and pronunciation;
  • recorded previous series of the Page Turners books to mp3 format, and given these to literacy learners to read and listen (RK);
  • recorded Vox Pops with VCAL learners as they explored Syn-fm on an excursion;
  • imported audio files into Movie Maker, to combine with images from classroom sessions;

.. and also worked on our own learning:
  • had sessions looking at Audacity, the open source audio editing software;
  • begun to explore some portable iRiver mp3 player / recorders;
  • brainstormed ideas around how to use audio / voice technologies in class;
  • recorded the new series of Page Turners to mp3 format (thanks to Decibels recording studios for the sound-proof room;
  • set up our own online spaces (using wikispaces, voki, voicethreads, odeo, podomatic, gcast, moodle, del.icio.us);

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    Our project: Can You Hear Me?

    lp_magneto_aeg_by_pablosanz_small.jpgThe main focus of the PRACE project was voice and audio technologies: from podcasts to live web conferencing.

    Our learners

    Adult literacy, English as a second language and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning).

    Our tools

    Teachers developed lesson plans to implement a designed strategy with their learner groups.

    Our evaluation strategy

    Reflective discussions, survey teachers and learners after the process.

    Examples of our learning:

    Voki is a site where you can create 'avatars', and give them voice.

    Contact details

    contact michael chalk < ace [at] michalk.id.au >
    phone c/- prace 9462 6077

    images: thanks for
    Don’t I Deserve Quality Care by Grant Neufeld at flickr
    and lp_magneto_aeg by pablosanz at flickr