Which e-tools will you be using for your project?

Plese use this space to post links to tools that you found useful or have discovered during the course of your project.
Please feel free to give us a brief summary and an indication of how you have used it.
Feel free to add your favourite tools - just create a sub heading if it does not not fit any of the current ones!

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50 ways to tell a story

Fabulous site by Alan Levine with great online tools - all tried and tested!

November 7 - 9 Online Event: e-Show n Tell

Registrations are now OPEN: http://networksevents.flexiblelearning.net.au This online event showcases some of the latest developments and future directions of e-learning in Australia and internationally. It follows on from the June 19 – 20 e-Trends online event and the September sessions e-Tools n Tips. Please see the flyer (hyperlink) for the highlights of the event and the induction workshops. Many sessions will be using the Elluminate virtual classroom software. You need to make sure you can access and use this environment. For documentation on how to do so, go to the E-learning Networks site at http://flexiblelearning.net.au/networks and select the e-Show n Tell link. The site will be accessible from Wednesday 31 October.


NEW NCVER research hot of the press

Community adult language, literacy and numeracy provision in Australia: Diverse approaches and outcomes

This study examined non-accredited community language, literacy and numeracy provision in Australia. A diverse range of providers assist many adults who do not need or cannot yet cope with accredited training. Growth in self-confidence appears as important as development of literacy and numeracy skills, with teachers and tutors playing a key role in this.

NSW LearnScope resources page

Check out the NSW site - full of fabulous ideas, how to guides and other resources to use in your projects. http://nswlearnscope.com/wiki/index.php/Resources#FlickR_Tools

Online faclilitaiton

Have a look at the 834 Tips for succesful Online Instruction from the elearning guild. 71 pages of tips and tricks for trainers, managers and development teams. Via Stephen Downes's OLDaily.



Treat yourself to a look at the presentations for the recent webheads online conference! Great stuff. GippsTAFE did a presentation on their work with Second Life to an international online audience.
Great links and recordings. Well worth a browse. You will have to log in though.
URL: http://www.webheadsinaction.org/wiaoc2007/Presentations

Voice Tools

1. Challenger TAFE podcasting site - everthing you ever wanted to know about the how and the why... great resource:
URL: http://aquaculturepda.wikispaces.com/podcast
2. Have a look at Yack pack - free, very simple and easy to use - specificallyf or ESL and literacy I think!
URL: http://www.yackpack.com/

3. Want to change your blog post automatically into a podcast? Try the TALKR plugin. You can now podcast any blog. The voice is not exactly velvetly , but might suit your purposes!
URL: http://www.talkr.com/

4.Stephan Ridgeway's wikis entitled Introduction to Podcasting & Vblogging in Education is well worth a visit - fabulous links , tips and resources.
URL: http://sridgway.wikispaces.com/IntroductionToPodcasting

5. Look at the Community Engagement audio page for more on podcasting.

6. The MASIE Centre's think tank : a good section on podcasts for education at http://www.masieweb.com/podcasts/research-and-surveys/podcasting-for-learning-call.html Includes a section entitled "The 7 things you should know about podcasting".

Blogs and wikis

1. For those who would like to experiment with a Wiki in the safety of your own home. Try "TiddlyWiki" which is a small download and easy to install.
URL: http://www.tiddlywiki.com/

DST/ Video/Audio - File Conversion

A great free site for converting any file format to another one to make them compatible with online servers is zamzar.com. You simply follow the step-by-step process and the converted file is emailed to you within minutes. It only stays on zamzar for 24 hours so don't forget to pick up your converted file quickly.


1.Wondering how we created the headline above? Try this fun free tool on Spell with Flickr which uses Flickr images to spell out any word you like. It then creates HTML code so you can add it to your wiki/blog or other online spaces. Thanks to Vivian Evans and her wiki for letting us know about this and many other tools - check out her fabulous wiki.

2. You can also try this one - http://www.tankmiche.com/signs/. I like it better as you have more control over the size and background. A fabulous way to add some colour to your wiki pages!

Designing e-learning templates

Thanks to Clint Smith for generously shared the Designing map-planning tools with us:
in word document form , and also as a word template .