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project for 2007

Our project:

We are working together to develop an Intranet of teaching / learning resources to assist our many migrant students in learning English. Using the various Electives as our base, staff at the Centre are gathering relevant information, teaching materials, illustrations and examples which will be put onto our computer system as a web-based resource.

Project aims – to provide an online learningpic9.gif environment for our many adult students who are learning English. We wish to investigate the current online learning skills of students and to produce informative, easy to read, up-to-date materials to cater for visual learners.
The focus will be on the 12 Elective areas of study chosen by the ACE providers of the region. Staff can be seen hard at work, during the inservice!!

Production: - a pilot online learning web site – Intranet – to showcase the possibilities with information and photos about some places in Victoria.
This has also has links to ESL sites on the internet where students can learn the basics of grammar and do tasks to test their knowledge.

Questionnaires: - online and written ones for staff and a simpler tick the box version for students to help ascertain their current use of online teaching/learning resources.

Staff Inservice: held on Friday 25th May, 2007 during which they examine the current Intranet resources.

Online information was prepared for this staff inservice to provide a summary of the main aims of the project and show staff the outlines of the present Electives.
An online survey for staff was also produced, courtesy of
During the inservice staff were assisted and encouraged to begin investigations into the topic of their choice, based around the elective areas. They were also shown online “drop boxes” (folders) where they could place materials and ideas they develop.

The Werribee Community Centre has also now published a site where staff and students can use a discussion group and personal web logs to share the ideas they produce.

Our learners:

Our Community Centre welcomes migrants from many parts of the world, especially from Burma, Vietnam and Africa.
They need to learn English to cope with life and to find suitable employment. Many people are visual learners and colourful web-based images assist them to understand various aspects of life in Australia.

Our tools:

Our intranet is of course Web-based, and programming is being done largely with the text tools of notepad!! Although Dreamweaver, Publisher and Word all have their place in the initial development of materials.
We are going to develop a CD down the track(!!) and will also put some materials online..
Update: Progress in July:
Greetings all!!
Our project to establish an Intranet of resources is now starting to take shape and at a recent teachers' day held at the Werribee Community Centre we were able to display some of the work done. Electives with most information include Australian Environment, Australian Government, Paths to Employment, Health & Medicine, Local Environment and Online Language Learning.
Teachers have been encouraged to add more ideas and information and to trial the online materials which are now organised as a neat menu-driven Intranet. Feed back has been invited from both Teachers and students as to ease of use an value of information presented.
Some discoveries I have made along the way:
To transfer a Powerpoint presentation into a neat Web package, open the presentation with "Impress" ( from the OpenOffice suite ) and Export as an HTML document or even as an .swf this works very well!!!
To put a "Publisher" document on the web, save it as as an HTML web page document. You are presented with one opening page and all the other pages in a separate folder. I placed the opening page in with the rest and utilised a neat javascript menu to put it all together.
All the best to everyone!!
Tim Daniels

Our evaluation strategy

At Commencement we are surveying students and staff regarding their use of the pilot phase of our Intranet and of both email, and internet searching.
We also want to know what they would like to be able to do..
Towards the end of our project another survey will be done to measure particular outcomes and uses of the materials that have been developed online.

Contact details

I'm the main Web Developer for the project - timd@g-node.com.au
Would welcome any input from other communities..