Michael Chalk: project mentor

Michael Chalk, adult literacy / ESL teacher and e-learning professional, has been contracted to provide mentoring support for the 11 LearnScope projects.Michael is a 2003 Flexible Learning Leader, and has extensive experience in free and open source software, as well as Web 2.0 technologies.

Michael has been involved in a range of State and National e-learning projects, that have worked on embedding e-learning in delivery practices in ACE. He will be able to advise projects on easy, practical workable e-elearning solutions. Have a look at some of the projects Michael has been involved in at: michalk.id.au/ or on his wikispace.

Michael is available for:
  • On site visits
  • Face to face or online
  • One day per project
  • Support with integration of e- tools
  • Ideas and strategies for implementation
  • Times and dates to be negotiated

Suggestions for sessions



  • Overview of web applications (web2.0, open source, server side);
  • Set up web2.0 tools, eg flickr, podcast, wiki, blog;
  • Use social bookmarking tools, eg delicious, magnolia;
  • Set up your own LMS (eg moodle);
  • Run Portable Apps on your USB stick;
  • Live web conference (eg Elluminate);
  • Digital storytelling (eg Photostory, Bubbleshare)
  • Use Audacity for audio;
  • Use Hot Potatoes to build interactive web pages;
  • Gadwin PrintScreen for building printed instruction guides;
  • Adapt use of technology to classroom situations (brainstorm, problem-solve, creative thinking);
  • Use technology for language and literacy classrooms;
  • Write for an online environment;
  • Tips for online facilitation;
  • Strategies for using wiki and blog;

Contact michael < ace [at] michalk.id.au > phone c/- prace 9462 6077 mobile 0422 983 054
To check his availability, you can consult the project online calendar below:


This is michael's public calendar from Google. Seems to be having some trouble though. Full days are not marked. Will try to fix.